Follow these ecommerce SEO best practices

eCommerce SEO Recommendations

Managing an eCommerce website should never be treated as a spectator sport – it takes a solid eCommerce SEO strategy. Simply loading products, images, and a price into your platform is not enough to ensure effective search result ranking for those products. You need to follow fundamental eCommerce SEO best practices.

Field of Dreams Was a Great Movie; But Stinks as a SEO Strategy

You can’t expect a Field of Dreams approach to work for your online products. Simply building it and they will come isn’t going to work for you.

There are nearly limitless things you can do to improve your search engine ranking and almost all of them start with improved content. We’ve talked before about how quality content is king. This concept applies to online products as much as it does to blog pages. So take a look at how you need to apply this concept to your online product offering.

ecommerce products best practices

Align Your Content Strategy

Your eCommerce pages should not operate in a vacuum outside the remainder of your website. The strategies that you have defined for your overall website should align in some way with eCommerce. For example, keywords that you have identified that you want to rank for should also be laced organically throughout your products. Specifically, those words should appear in product titles, product descriptions, alt-text references, etc… That’s not to say you are exercising the practice of “keyword stuffing” but rather ensuring that those words are appropriate placed where it makes sense.

Your eCommerce Products Need Original Content

Manufacturers typically provide a description of their products. Don’t be drawn into a lazy practice of copying and pasting those descriptions into WooCommerce. You have zero chance of standing above the crowd if you copy and paste a product description that is going to be duplicated across countless other websites.

Remember that duplicate content on the web is almost always a bad thing – instead, focus on crafting original product descriptions that fit in line with your own content strategy.

A great way to add supplemental original content is to allow product reviews from site visitors.

Improve Your eCommerce Metadata

Your metadata remains a great place to enhance your eCommerce SEO. Specifically, target your product titles, descriptions, and image alt-text sections. While it takes time to go through and ensure you’ve covered all these bases, it will help you in the long-run.

Get Your Mobile House in Order

Be sure any content you place online is going to have an outstanding mobile experience. There is no such thing as a PC-only website and this is especially true for eCommerce sites.

Google announced that it’s going to start using the mobile version of your website to establish your page rankings and this means your need to get your site optimized for mobile right away. Responsive pages without obtrusive pop-ups, and user-friendly navigation all get factored into your new search engine rankings.

Out of Stock / Seasonal Inventory

It’s understandable that the product mix in your inventory is going to evolve over time just be careful about how you handle these changes.

Simply removing an item from your inventory and having it disappear from your website sets off a number of red flags to search engines and frankly provides a poor experience to your customers. You may not be aware of all the places where backlinks (although you can check) have been established for your products.

We recommend that you maintain the old product information but also provide a link to any potential replacements. If keeping the item online isn’t an option, then remove it; but be certain to implement a redirect so the search engine spiders don’t see this as a broken link.

Closing Thoughts

As we bring this article home, it’s important to remind you that this set of recommendations really only represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing online products for search engines.

Feel free to give us a call if you have an eCommerce website that you’d like to get launched.

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