Did you know that online customer reviews are great for business and can even help give your search engine optimization campaign a boost?

Checking product reviews has become a mainstay for consumers. Those customer reviews are inspected and scrutinized prior to virtually any serious purchase in this country. Whether checking the review for their next cell phone purchase or vacation destination, consumers are more and more relying on reviews to help them make informed decisions.

Consumer reviews help small businesses by reinforcing powerful word of mouth advertising. It’s because of this, positive online reviews are the gifts that keep on giving. Your great work can pay you back through the ongoing generation of referrals from loyal supporters of your business or brand.

Think about this the next time you’re on Amazon’s website… you can’t help but look at the product reviews can you? The same holds true for reviews on sites like Yelp or Facebook.

Online Reviews Impact on SEO

Search engines like Google have observed that online reviews are an important part of our buying process. As a result, they have adjusted their all-powerful algorithm to include online reviews when factoring in search result rankings.

It makes sense when you pause to think about it. Google is focused on providing the highest quality results and why not use the power of online reviews to help determine where a business should reside in search results.

Online Customer Reviews

How Much Reviews Influence Your Ranking

MOZ is a search engine authority… Scratch that – they are “The” search engine authority. If you want to better understand how the search business works, then these are the folks to talk to. MOZ recently published data that demonstrates how online reviews can influence local SEO by nearly 10%.

The only factors that ranked higher than online reviews were My Business, NAP/Citation, On-Page Signals, and Link Signals.

With such an important influence on your ranking, it’s imperative that you take action. The more you have legitimate positive reviews, the more you are able to work your way up the rankings.

It’s important to reinforce that those reviews need to be legitimate. This means they need to happen organically, across unique IP addresses, and over an extended period of time. Any effort to game this system with paid-for or fake reviews is going to blow up – don’t be tempted to hack this process.

Collect & Promote Online Reviews

You should never attempt to fool the system by creating fake reviews; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with your customers and naturally encourage them to provide their feedback online. This is a great opportunity to direct people to your Facebook business page.

Be Sure Facebook Reviews are Enabled

Make sure that submitting reviews in enabled on your Facebook business page. If you don’t see reviews in the navigation menu, then you probably don’t have them turned on. You fix this by going to your page settings tab and change the template from General to Business.

Don’t Forget About Customer Service

Remember to not delete or hide bad reviews. In the event you receive negative feedback, be sure to provide outstanding customer service to turn that customer into a raving fan!

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