Bad social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization should be about building your brand through engagement on your social platforms.

Things like aligning social media keyword usage with your SEO strategy are somewhat important; but engagement of your followers is what you really need to focus on for an effective social media optimization strategy.

There are plenty of brand-destroying recommendations out there. Here are some of our personal favorites.

Best Ways to Hurt Your Social Media Optimization

Ignore Having a Strategy

Who needs a strategy – right? Defining a strategy would require you to think about how you intend to use the platforms – will you post daily, how will you engage your followers, how will your social media voice be branded, what theme will you use in your images, etc…

You can sit and define an effective strategy; but think about the time you lose in that process. Instead, think of the head start you get by jumping right in!

Images & Video are Overrated

Anybody can use images or video to make their social media posts stand out. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then feel free to skip the imagery altogether.

Sure, images can nearly double the reach of your social media posts; but do you really want followers that judge you based on your images?

#Hashtag Everything

Hashtags can certainly help extend your reach when used in proper moderation.

If moderation will get you a modest lift, then you should stick a #hashtag on #everything #if #you #really #want #to #extend #your #reach.

Brand Destroying Social Media Optimization Strategy Tips Market First – Engagement Second

Your followers will appreciate informative posts; but if you want sales, then it makes sense to push the marketing hard and often. Sure, pros will tell you not to push marketing posts over 20% of the time; but you’ve got bills to pay!

Ignore Engagement

It’s called social media for a reason; but engagement takes time, effort, and a strategy. Since we’ve already decided to skip the strategy, we might as well skip this piece as well. Professionals will tell you that you should be engaging your followers regularly across platforms, so you need to decide how this piece of your social media optimization is going to be handled. Will you use the classic approach of ignoring your following, or will you decide to engage… Only you can decide.

Brand Destroying Final Thoughts

Look, there are plenty of ways you can sabotage your brand on social media. This list simply represents some of the more impressive ways you can destroy your brand.

Does all of this still sound like too much to take on – give us a call and we can help you sort things out.

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