Brandable Domain Name Tips.

Getting your business online is about much more than selecting the right keywords – it’s about building an online brand presence. To do this right, you need to pick a brandable name.

A brandable name is one where you are able to provide deeper insight into your business than you get from a domain name stuffed with keywords.

What Makes a Domain Brandable?

Get your brand name recognized.There are a number of ways you can craft a unique and brandable domain name. Some people opt to use a unique word that aligns with a company strategy (think Other companies choose to mix two words together and create something new and memorable.

Let’s break down what a brandable domain is. In its most basic sense, it is a name that doesn’t rely on keyword usage. Brandable names typically convey company values such as quality, integrity, and creativity.

Basic Tips to Develop Your Brandable Domain Name

  1. Brevity: A brandable name also allows you to keep the name brief. Studies show that the most effective domains are ten characters or less. Simple spelling is also helpful.
  2. Credibility: Use a .com extension unless you have a real compelling reason to do otherwise. Three fourths of all extensions are .com. Further, focus on using a name that delivers a message of trustworthiness. Avoid names that can be manipulated to have a negative connotation. Consider a trustworthy name. The best way to damage your brand is to select a name that conveys a lack of trust or competency.
  3. Memorable: You’re building a brand, so don’t get hung up on keywords. Branding should take priority over keywords – go with something memorable versus something generic.
  4. Unique: The goal of a brandable domain is to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Relevant: Names that are able to relate in some manner to your business or product will help convey several of these tips at the same time.

Final Thoughts

As you go through the process of defining a domain name, be sure to keep your customers in mind. Think about factors such as usability and simplicity.

Finally, remember to verify that your selected name isn’t already in use by someone on social media.

Now get out there and build an awesome brand!

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